Wednesday, 4 June 2008


While the broadband has been off today i decided to make a few tags and some atcs as samples for Karen. All the stamps used here are in her shop for sale. Lucky for me i get to use them first to have a head start in producing the samples. Think you will agree Karen does have one of the very best selections on the internet. I know these are samples but i can produce any you would like from this section? Have a great day and please keep fingers crossed i stay connected :).

Sunday, 1 June 2008


I know ive been quiet for the past week but ive had my eldest daughter and her boyfriend over. Had to do a lot of catch up and shopping with my girl :). Also ive been baby sitting Arnie again. Have to take him back to the vets on Tuesday as he is limping on the leg he has operated on twice now. I can hear a click when he walks so i happen to think the plate has moved. Looks like another operation will be had on that poor knee. It will be the 3rd time if it does happen. I'm not happy about it at all.
Also ive been caring for Poppy my other bulldog. She went away to be mated and i have to make sure she is kept quiet and that she don't get into fights with the others. If she does she will absorb the pups. Bulldogs are the hardest breed to get pregnant, hence the reason why they cost thousands each to buy. So im being dogs body and nurse maid,lol.
I have managed to make some samples for Karen with all the new stamps she sent me. Got loads and loads to play with but not enough time to do them all justice.
Karen has some of the most amazing brands of stamps in her shop and they really are a joy to work for. All of the above samples are not for trade. Sorry about that, but if you see one or two that you like and would like me to create it for you as i swap i will happily do that. Just tell me what you like and i will get it in the post.

While playing i thought id make a tag with the Zetty stamps. God i love them so very much. Im working on the next batch. Never be put off by them as you can really create amazing pieces of art with them all.
Have a wonderful sunday?