Friday, 25 April 2008

All Traded Now!

Sorry i have been quiet for a few days but i have been busy looking after Arnie. The girls keep beating him up so i have to be with him all the time. I cant go to the loo without making sure he is locked away from them or a fight will kick off :). The fun of having doggies, but i love them.
Anyway, i have some stunning new stamps by Cherry Pie Art Stamps. Karen sent me the first batch to have a play with. The next will arrive soon. Ive done a few atcs with them today but im limited as i have to make sure Arnie is protected. The stamps are gorgeous and the results you get are limitless. I love them so very much.
I also bought 2 sheets of stamps by the american company called Zettiology. One set was of legs and arms all stripey, and the other set were trees, burdies and branches. Ive had a play with those as well. Im sure you can pick out the ones ive made.
Anyway, enjoy the atcs and if they are not on their way to karen then you can ask for them, but i have a sneeky feeling she is going to take the samples i have done especially for her Blog.
Have a lovely weekend all of you.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Traded are the following:
Every Life has A story
Its been Awhile But...
Journey Of the heart
The crow
My Best Friend
If you cant laugh at yourself make fun of other people
I dont feel like an adult
Film strip of trees
Confessions of a lady ( Yesterdays)
The man with the number 8 in the frame.

Over the past few days of intensive care Arnie has improved in leaps and bounds. His leg is swollen with fluid, and his stapled scar looks infected. But his state of mind is great. He follows me to the kitchen and he walks to the stable block to take water. I had him in the paddock this morning with Daisy as she is a quiet bulldog and good for him. The younger girls are too springy for him. Yes i know what you are thinking but believe me my bulldogs can out run boxer dogs and labradors as i keep them all super fit. Anyhow, we all want to thank you for your lovely messages. You all touched our hearts and we thank you so very much for that.
As ive been looking after Arnie plus all my other animals i did managed to get some play time. Ive made a number of atcs with all the new goodies ive had. Now 98% of the goods can be bought from . If you see an atc and are not sure what i have used then please ask Karen or myself. We are here to help and we both want you to use our atcs for inspiration. Hope you like all you see? Karen has to have first pick as these really are samples for her blog but if she dont want them all i will announce what is up for grabs.
Have a lovely sunday evening?

Thursday, 17 April 2008

My poor boy

Sorry ive not loaded up any atcs but ive been busy caring for my bulldog Arnie. On wednesday he underwent a 4.5hour op on his leg. He has completly damaged all the ligaments in his knee. Our wonderful vet who specialises in bulldogs explained he had a footballers injury that required a metal plate in the knee instead of a knee replacement joint. That can cause arthritis later on. Anyway he came home yesterday morning. What a pickle he is in. My other bulldogs sat the living room door for 2 hours to gain visitors rights to their buddy. Poppy who is Arnie's football partner became very depressed refusing food so the vet said to allow the pack to see him. Poppy went into Arnie, had a sniff of the leg and then layed near him. She refused to leave his side. Poor Arnie cant go for a walk so we have to walk him in the stable yard alone. Well, Poppy came running in looking for him from her walk. She just wont play while she is out without him now.

Last night Hubby slept with him down stairs to keep an eye on him. He didn't sleep at all. So i guess he was in pain from it all. I feel like death warmed up so god knows what he feels like. The moral of this story is..... its all well and good having a super fit bulldogs who are very good examples of the breed, but remember to get them insured well as you too could be facing a £4977.66p vet bill. Thank god we have all of our insured with petplan. They have saved our butt more times than we can remember over the years with our lot.

Have a great day? Hopefully i can get some more atcs done.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Tonight i decided to have a little play of the stamps i got today. And what fun that was. I love the new stamps.
The first lot are by Paper Artsy plates. They really are beautiful and so easy to use. The second set are by Paperbag Studios.
Dont think they will be for trade as i know my buddie Karen will no doubt bag them,lol! Im calling them samples and i hope you like them or get some inspiration from them. Karen sells all the stamps used.
Yesterday and early this morning i managed to finish off this batch of ATCs. They are mostly Paper Artsy and the plates can be bought from so go and have a look. The flower looking girl is a Lost Coasts design and she was a tad too big for the ACT so i cut her up and put her back together again.The 3 wise Gentlemen is a Crafty Individuals stamp that Scrapz sell as well. This morning i took delivery of a hugh parcel of goodies from scraps. Im floors as im spoilt for choise as to what to use first. Ive got 2 full sheets of The paperbag studios, 3 sets of the Paper Artsy and a sprinkling of the lovely Lost Coasts Designs. Ive been to Once Upon A Stamp and bought 3 half sheets of the Invoke stamps they sell. Two of the sets are out of stock till the end of the month, but the backgrounds one i wanted is in stock and he is posting it today. Ive also treated myself to the new stamps my Paper Artsy called Bricks and Mortar. There is a set of 4 so i thought id get them as they look cool, and last but not least ive bought myself a jam making kit off ebay,lol! Yep, we have over 5 acres of land and loads of fruit tree's, so instead of it rotting and going to waste ive decided to make jams and chutneys. Hubby will supply the veggies from the garden for the chutney. Have a great day and if you want any of the atcs on my blog then please shout as im getting over run with them,lol.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Last night i had a play with a unmounted rubber stamp i bought from ebay. Its of a pair of ladies eyes. Now the stamp isnt that big so you have the option of leaving it as a collage stamp or do as i have done and use the eyes as the main feature of the atc. Ive embossed using sequin waste and a mesh rubber stamp ive had for year by PSX. Just used clear embossing powder on versamark. Over the top ive added colour. The inks used to colour are the Adirondacks that scrapz might sell. Just email karen and she will let you know.
The last one is of brothers. Notice the elder boy with his crewcut? Now i wonder why? He isnt old enough to be at sea,lol! Maybe the dreaded nit nurse sent his mum a letter home,lol! Anyway, i happen to think he looks like a lost soul who is on a journey of some kind.
These are all for trade so just email me ok?

Thursday, 10 April 2008


Ive had a little play and managed to come up with 5 atcs that i believe are nice & easy. The lady in the black dress is my great grandmother Ellen Louisa Seabrook. She was 21 in this photo and had been married for 2 years with a 6 month old baby. Notice her waist? Well after having albert it has gone up 2 inches to 19 inches. She was a much desired and admired young lady as she had a waist of 17 inches. Infact when i go back to the village where all my family were born and bred for generations you still hear the story of her tiny waist. The older generation who remember her have told me she was not only a sofly spoken lady but her beauty was the envy of many women for miles and the fight of many a young man trying to win her affections ( As they call it). Many have told me i take after her for my small frame and eyes,lol. Wish i had the waist though,lol! Oh to be a true size 0 would be great instead of a size 8 jeans,lol.
The other ATCs are using the Paperbag studios that are sold at Scrapz.
have a lovely evening.



Yesterday i got a lovely pressie from Karen@scrapz of a paper Artsy Plate that i have had on my wish list for a few months now. I was chuffed to get this pressie i just had to have a play of it today. Ive made 3 ATCs in autumn colours which i find pleasing to the eye. I always find orange, red and yellow so easy to use.
Ive made the ATCs simple as a few people have contacted me saying my atcs are a bit too hard or advanced to do, so these ones are easier. I enjoyed making them, but i prefer a challenge. The next ones i do will be of a challenge as i intend them to be easy but effective. Im not keen on using too much collage items but i know people new to ATCs find this easier to cope with. So the next lot will be based on collage and sheets ive bought off the internet.
Have a great day?

Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Please go and have a look at Scrapz Design Blog that Karen have just started. I know you will all pop over and support her on this one. Its looking good Karen. Im adding it to my blog for others to see.

Ive not made any ATCs today as ive been busy here, but i have planned to do some new backgrounds tonight while i have 5 minutes to myself. My two girls are going to friends for sleepovers tonight so that will give me some peace and quiet while hubby is on the Xbox,lol!

If anyone wants to do swaps with me then please feel free and contact me at The atcs that are up for grabs from my last two posts. They are called

Monday April 7th

I know everything and im always right ( Mona Lisa)
Queen for a day ( Mona Lisa)
Look Dream Create ( Lady eyes)
This is faith ( Blue ATC of girl)

Sunday 6th April

Raven Birds Raven Birds
A little bird told me
My attitude dont need no adjustin
Dream ( Triangle)

Have a lovely evening all of you. I know i will :)


Monday, 7 April 2008

Didn't do many ATCs today as i had other things needing my attention. Have the children off school till next tuesday so need to entertain them. After a couple of hours i hear " Im bored mum". How those three words are the bain of my life,lol!

I got down to the ATCs above and decided i go for the rich colours again. Me thinks i need to try more blue as ive enjoyed the ones ive made. There again id like to do more yellow but think it can look a little too garish. If i add orange it looks like autumn. So maybe the next bunch could be lilacs and purple's. Im running out of colours of the rainbow now. I could try pinks, but not sure im good with that colour.

Over at there is some fantastic blog candy up for grabs. You really cant miss this as its worth a go. The candy has been given by Karen @ Scrapz. Id love to have a go at winning but im on Karen's design team so it wont be fair to others. But i can assure you all these charms are really lush. Im fact ive magpied away some that karen set to me. Just too lush to use, but so beautiful to admire. I have a little charm box that i love to delve into and admire. Everytime i look i find some treasure that i have not noticed before.

Have a lovely evening.



Sunday, 6 April 2008

New ATCs

Ive made a few new ATCs yesterday. I had to scan them as the battery on my digital SLR was out of juice again. So they have been scanned and the scanner has made them far too bright again. I can assure you the colours are really rich. Anyway, hope you like them.


Thank you so much Sesga

Id like to say a hugh thank you for a very sweet lady who i can call a friend. I have been awarded this award for blogging. You are such a wonderful and kind person for doing this for me.

Here is the link to my lovely lady Sesga Go visit her Blog? Your really would be a fool to miss this one.

here are the rules:

2, Each award must have name of author and a link to their blog so everyone can go to visit their blog.
3, Each award winner must display award and link to person which gave their award .(click on picture of award then save as )
4, The award winner and the one who has given the Award must show link to Artypico ,so everyone will know origin of award .
I need a few days to think about who i will be awarding this honour too. Ive had a very upsetting few weeks and i need time to sit down and think.
Thanks to karen @ scrapz, you have really helped me more than you ever know. I think id have been in a pickle if it wasnt for you letting me bend your ear. I wish you had a blog, then id give you this award. You are the best friend a girl could only ever wish for.
Sesga, you are one of the nicest girls ive met in a long time. This award means so much to me hun.
Hugs to all