Monday, 19 May 2008

The Queens Dresser Draws

Ive been mega lucky to be the owner of 20 plus of these stamps. They are very collage and artistic, but so very easy to use. Since they were simple they needed very little added to them. Ive used the Big N Juciy ink pads for backgrounds. Ive either sponged the colours or used my speedroller to apply the inks. Then ive used a stamp from Scrapz from Paperbag Studios elements range. Its just lines but if you add embossing powder to the image you can make the stamp look like a distressed frame. Ive done that on afew of the atcs for effect. The eye stamp is from Scrapz as are the phrase stamps. I know thye are quick but i hope you agree very effective?
Arnie is getting better day by day. He is alike an old man hobbling about to walk, but he is walking which is amazing as he did have both legs done again. He will have his stitches looked at on friday. Some area's of the cuts have healed nicely, but he has some parts that have not, so the stiches to them will stay in longer.
Thank you everyone who has asked about him. Means a lot to me.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Im so very lucky indeed as i know have 9 sheets of the Paperbag Studios stamps from All that range Karen sells are stunning and so very easy to use. You can stamp them as a single image or layer them. How simple is that? Also ive added 2 atcs using stamps from Karen The Queens dresser draws. The stamps i got were Titanic, a ticket and barbed wire. Thank you hun, they are gorgeous, and im enjoying them so very much indeed. Ive added cut outs from a collage sheet i have. Think they are quiet fitting. Ive got a parcel arriving of even more stamps from Karen. They are now up on her shop and i can tell you to get there fast as they will sell very fast. They are so very artsy and suitable for atcs, cards, altered art and tags. Cant wait to get my collection and start playing. Also while you have time please pop over to Karens blog and have a go at her challenge. The charms you could win are gorgeous. Just what every girl needs in her stash. The challenge is super easy as well. Anyway, enjoy my atcs and please tell me what you think? Im a bit fuzzed as im baby sitting the old boy again. Scroll down and you will see the update on my baby :( . Hugs to you all especially my best buddy Karen, :)

Thank you for all the messages and the emails. I thought id update you while i have 5 minutes to spare.
Arnie damaged his second crusher ligament in his what was then his good knee. So on Wednesday he was x-rayed and they found his spine to be perfect but the crusher damaged. Then they x-rayed his knee of the crusher ligament he had done nearly 4 weeks ago. Well, that showed the bone to have moved.
So on Wednesday at 11am he underwent 6 hours of repair surgery. They had to re-open his first leg that went wrong and place the bone back, then they started on the new knee. I was a nervous wreck all day.
Bulldogs dont take kindly to be putting out for so long. They can and do die. Its just too much for them and their hearts to take. Ive never prayed as hard as i did then. I just hoped it would be a simple op, but when i spoke to the assisting vet Michael that evening he said Arnie had both legs done and would be staying over night.
We collected him yesterday after we had a carpet laid. Yes we have beautiful wooden floors but Arnie has lost balance on them and slipped. So for 9 weeks we have to have the carpet down to help him walk better. He has to stay in the living room and i can open the side door to allow him out into the stable block for a wee and some fresh air.
I guess you are wondering how the hell he walks with 2 legs done? Well i thought the same since last time he hopped on 3. That bothered me, but believe it or not he can walk all all 4 legs. Ryk the vet told me that they cope better with both legs done than they do with one.
I tool some photos for you of Arnie so you can see the large scar and the smaller one. The smaller one is the repair to the bone.
Last night he didnt sleep well at all and wee'd on the carpet, but that cant be helped. Today is a new day and as the days goes by he will leg better. Least on the plus side he will never ever get crusher ligament damage. He now has 2 plates in the knee's.
I will try and do some atcs today while i leave him with Hubby. It will give me a break. I need a break.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Sorry that ive not blogged for a while. Its been so hot here on the south coast with temperatures every day of 24 degrees plus. I cant work in that heat so ive been doing other things. Also my poor Arnie is back in the vets. As you may remember he had a knee op over three weeks ago. Well last night he saw our cat and made a chase for it. Only three strides and he was down. So we made him a bed in the living room and he stayed there all night. he could barely walk today. The vet thinks he has twisted his spine as he has a tremour in his good leg. Hence the reason not to stand or walk. He has been dosed up with very strong pain killers and is sleeping over. The vet will x-ray his knees and spine tomorrow. If he needs operationing on they will have him there. So i wont be blogging for a while longer as i have to be nurse to him when he gets home along with the other animals. Bye bye for now xxxx

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Happy Birthday To you Karen

Happy Birthday Karen. May all your wishes and dreams come true. Luv ya loads Bestist buddy ever XxXxX

Friday, 2 May 2008


Sorry, but the new atcs ive loaded today are all samples for Karen@Scrapz. I try and do at least 20 a month for her, and as these are for her new range of rubber i cant trade them. I can however make you an atc like any one of the samples. Just email me and i will be happy to trade with you.
I have a rather busy weekend ahead of me, but im planning to do a few atcs.

Ive been so lucky to have the chance to play with another three plates of the Paperbag Studios stamps. You get a large sheet that is cramed full of the most beautiful images. The new plates i have used are Joy, Addison, and Dreamer. I already had Laugh, Believe and Florish from Karen so some of the elements from all the sheets were added to the atcs. I also added some of my own stamps to add extra elements.
The Paperbag Studios rubber stamps are simply the best to use for image quality. Ive never ever printed off a bag image. You cant go wrong with these stamps at all. In fact im sure you will love them as much as i do. Have a look here as karen has some in stock, but be quick as they sell fast.
Ive done all manor of techniques with the atcs just to show you how easy or complex they can be. Instead of gold and silver embossing powder i have added gold and silver Adirondrack paint daubers. Karen sells them as well. They sponge on and give a wonderful effect. Ive also used sequin waste as a stencil with the versamark ink pads pressed through and emboseed in clear. The ink pads are Vivid, Ancient Page, Stazon, and Adirondrack. Most of which karen sells.
Hope you enjoy them all. I will be over the next few days getting together photos of all the atcs i have up for trading. Please keep a look out for them and shout if you would like any of them. I love to trade.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone?
Hugs Tina