Monday, 19 May 2008

The Queens Dresser Draws

Ive been mega lucky to be the owner of 20 plus of these stamps. They are very collage and artistic, but so very easy to use. Since they were simple they needed very little added to them. Ive used the Big N Juciy ink pads for backgrounds. Ive either sponged the colours or used my speedroller to apply the inks. Then ive used a stamp from Scrapz from Paperbag Studios elements range. Its just lines but if you add embossing powder to the image you can make the stamp look like a distressed frame. Ive done that on afew of the atcs for effect. The eye stamp is from Scrapz as are the phrase stamps. I know thye are quick but i hope you agree very effective?
Arnie is getting better day by day. He is alike an old man hobbling about to walk, but he is walking which is amazing as he did have both legs done again. He will have his stitches looked at on friday. Some area's of the cuts have healed nicely, but he has some parts that have not, so the stiches to them will stay in longer.
Thank you everyone who has asked about him. Means a lot to me.


Kaz Scrapz said...

I love them all hun - stunning as always (particularly the muscle man - that is such a gorgeous image - MMMMmmmmm - it doesn't hurt to dream does it LOL)- glad Arnie is on the mend.

Chriss Rollins said...

great atc's as always are you swapping any of them this time. lol..or does karen get them all? lol.

chriss x

Jaqi said...

Hi Tina, they are great as always, dont suppose the Paris one is up for grabs is it? I would love to trade for that one if it is free. Glad Arnie is getting around , even tho its still hobbling.... Bless him, Jaqi x

Anonymous said...

Love them all ! Particularly the Paris one . glad to here your Arnie is on the mend .
love from sesga xx

Jaqi said...

Hope Arnie is ok as i noticed you havent posted for a while. Have a good Bank Holiday, Jaqi x

Nic said...

More extreamly exceptional work, always an inspiration.
Visit my blog for a little surprize :O)

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous - love the colour tones! The 'hunk' is one of my fave stamps! lol

Anonymous said...

oooh they are some SERIOUSLY GAWGUS atc's...totally beautiful colours :)
Chris xx