Monday, 25 February 2008

What a lovely and relaxing weekend i had. I managed to make 11 ATCs and more than half ive swapped with Karen at scrapz. I had to make them as she had the most amazing ATCs to swap and i wanted them all :) . Her work blows my mind away, and like me she has not been making them for that long. I think its about 6 weeks for the pair of us. Yes we need a pat on the back as i happen to think we have learn a lot and managed to find our own style in a short period of time. Anyway, here are the little suckers that are causing me sleepless nights. When i do sleep i dream im panning and designing ATCs. The bug has bitten in a big way,lol! The ATCs have not scanned as well as they look. The colours and textures are realy tons better in the flesh.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Never Say Never

I had a lovely sheet of fairies, but this little girl on the toad stool really caught my eye. I love her with her shy expression. The sheet is from Lisa's Altered Art in the USA. Im so very much in love with her artwork.

Anyway, used some german scrap which is my new found love. Just wish i could get it in other colours. Im really liking this altered images. Think i need to go shopping to get some more,lol.

Another Dull Women

Karen really wanted my last Dull women ATC but it was in a quote swap. So i promised to make her one with a twist. I did an arched shape to this one. Use cream semi gloss card that i inked up with browns and greens.,

Really like this one. Anyway, its all mailed up ready to go to karen tomorrow. Have to say i think i shall be doing a few more of this shape. They are cool.

Queen Bee

This rubber stamp of the queens head came from Scrapz. As soon as i saw it i wanted to add it to the body of a honey bee i had from Hero Arts. The alter stamp is by Lost Coast. Most of it is coloured in chalks which i blended, and then i picked up highlights with Marvey Le Plumme ll pens. To her crown i added gems to give it a touch of bling, and i used a saying from the LE Ephamera pack i got from Scrapz. They are super, and just right for what i do with the ATCs.

Seek and ye shall find

This came from nothing. I was just playing and starting putting it all together over the course of the day. It just needed something more, but i coudn't think what! Then i found a rub-on with the words " Seek And Ye Shall Find".

I have a box full of rub-ons that have never suited my scrapbooking pages. It the kind of box you magpie things away what could come in handy. You must know what i mean eh? I bet you have one too? My nan had a draw full of all sorts of rubbish, but she refused to throw any of it away telling me " It will come in handy one day my girl". Never did i think id magpie things away like she did,lol!

Well this ATC is going to Karen of Scrapz. Infact Karen is having 4 of my ATCs. Could'nt think of a better person to trade with. Thanks Karen, you are a star :)

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Dull Women Have Immaculate Homes.

The title says it all really. Im in a 1-2-1 Quotes swap with Cindy and she picked this one. No, she isnt a dull women at all. Bit like me really when it comes to immaculate homes. Who the hell in this day and age has a perfect home? A bit of dust, and the odd mug on the side never done any house harm. Im a ink and rubber fan, i dont have time for perfection. As i say, if you dont like it, ive got plenty of doors you can leave by.LOL!
Anyway Cindy, hope you enjoy this ATC as much as i did creating it. Have to say this is another rubber stamp ive had for the past 7 years. Not sure if they still make it, but it got me out of a deep hole,lol!

Look Within

Just another i russled up yesterday and finished off today. Needed to add something else to the face image so stamped out a butterfly. Not sure why i did this at all. Just wanted something girlie. I think i managed it.
This ATC is going to a good friend called Inky Fingers,lol! Oh yes, another rubber and ink lover. Her Atcs are stunning as well.

Unlock My Hour

I wanted to do a twist, so used the words Unlock My Hour instead of Unlock My Heart. Just wanted to be that bit different, a bit off the wall. In a way it was to get people to wonder what is behind the reason to this image.
Well, the atc now has a home and is going to karen who owns the wonderful website called Scrapz. The link is on the right hand side. Pay the shop a visit? Its full of wonderful goodies that will get your juices flowing. If Karen doesn't stock it then its not worth stocking. She offers a first class delivery service as well. Go on , give her a go!

Follow Me Art

Ive had this paper arts doll rubber stamp for the past 7 years and never ever used it or another i have in the same style. So yesterday i got the stamp out and decided to use the lady head on dart board. Wanted to add i bit more colour to this one so used Tim Holtz Orange Marmalade distressing ink pad with some foam daubers. The name of this is very tongue in cheek really. I thought the head on this image looked like maid or clippy from the 1940s. Being a cockney i assumed she would say " Follow Me Art" and not " Follow My Heart" :)
Hope you like it as much as i do?


Had another great day of play with the ATCs. Finished off a bunch id started yesterday. This one is called Love ...Blah...Blah...Blah...
Very easy and pleasing to the eye. I thought it very grungy at first, but the more i look at it the more i like it. Anyway, its got a home with Rosie R who is another very talented ATC artist i admire. Her work is really of a high standard, and to boot she is a lovely lady.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Tuesday 19th February 2008

Today was a very busy day in all for me. After finishing the horses in my PJs ( Yes that's right :) ) I keep the horses at home on my own land. So i get to dress how i please and when i please. Lazy really, but i felt like a lazy day.

The dogs went to the vet as they needed their yearly booster and Arnie the eldest bully of mine is getting a bit stiff in the back legs after resting. So he has been given a special cartlidge injection. Has to have one weekly for 4 weeks and then every month. I already have my youngest bulldog on them, and my 8 year ol Boxer dog Mads.

So once all the chores were done i settled into my craft room and put on a audio book. Drank a cup of coffee and set to working making 4 ATCs for the St Patricks Day Swap im in. Dabbled in really artsy stuff this time. Normally this would throw me out of my comfort zone, but it felt good. In fact once i started i just could'nt stop. I have to say i like these much better than what i normally do. The new me is doing out of the box and comfort zone for now. So much more fun i must add.
Its my art work from start to finish. Something i can be proud of.

The images i used were from Lisa's Altered Art USA. She is amazing at altering images. Its all her own work as well. I found her via Ebay. Once i saw her faires i knew these were images i wanted to use for the ATCs.

Im off to bed now. Its been a very busy day for me and im shattered.

Good Night